Sometimes I create art for other artists.


I am a musician, which services do you provide?

- photography -
- graphic design -
- videography - - costume design - - stage design - symbol & logo design, visuals for musical releases, print & web, backdrops etc.

Can I buy prints?

At this point: no. But I'm currently working on making prints available for purchase. Bear with me.

Can I buy existing artwork for my musical project?

The majority of pictures (digital or physical) are available for purchase.
You can buy the liscense for a digital file or - if available - the physical picture - for further use.

What should I do to get in contact?

Just write me an e-mail:

Do you work for everyone? Is the genre/theme important?

Generally I work for everyone - on the premise of me liking your project. There is no limitation to musical genres, if you like my artistic style and think it goes together well with yours: no worries.

However I'm not keen of working with someone with strong political messages. (this includes overly religious or anti-religious themes).

Do you take commissions for exposure, work for free?

No, do you?

What is the price for XYZ ?

The prices I charge depend on the kind and extent of the artwork, the materials I plan on using etc.

The price will be fixed beforehand.

I have fixed prices for specific 'bundles', usually consisting of

1. correspondence
2. draft for you to review and approve
3. possibility of minor changes after I finish the artwork.

Don't hesitate to send me a non-binding inquiry.

Generally speaking, my prices are well within reason.